Three Year Foundation Course Anthroposophic Nursing Curriculum Overview

1. Four Fold
  1. Nature Realms/Elements: fire, air, water, earth
  2. Human Being: physical, etheric, astral, spirit/ego
  3. Temperaments: melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine and choleric
2. Three-Fold
  1. Plants: root, stem, flower, experiential in the garden with plant observation
  2. HumanBeing: nerve-sense/thinking, rhythm/feeling, metabolic/willing
  3. Tria Principia: sal – mercury - sulpher
3. Seven Life Processes
  1. Breathing, warming, nourishing, secreting, maintaining, growing, reproducing
  2. Learning Processes: perceiving, relating, digesting, individualizing, practicing, growing new faculties, creating something new
  3. Introduction to Fallen Processes: consumption, combustion, deposition, encystation, rotting, replication
4. Biographical Rhythms
  1. 7– year cycles: biographical understanding in human beings, its impact and implications for health and well-being.
  2. Planetary Influences
  3. Illness/Wellness: understanding disease, address meaning and how to work with 3-fold and 4 fold for balance
  4. Threshold Experiences: illness, life and death
5. Nursing Philosophy
  1. 12 Nursing Gestures/Zodiac
  2. Twelve Senses
  3. Introduction to the Twelve World Views
  4. Nutrition: basic principles
  5. Care of Pain/Palliative Care
  6. Patient Support/Counseling
  7. Client Assessment
  8. Home Care
6. Nursing Care
  1. Rhythmical Einreibungen/rhythmic oil application
  2. Compresses: plant based, home care, metals
  3. Introduction to Hydrotherapy
  4. Introduction to Philosophy behind Remedies and Anthroposophic Medicine
7. Inner Development
  1. Self –Care with 12 nursing gestures
  2. Meditation/Nurses Verse
  3. Introduction to Subsidiary Exercises
  4. The Samaritan Course
Each year aspects of these topics will be explored in class. In addition, certain topics not covered during the course time may be covered by suggested readings and self-work in between sessions in conjunction with the mentor. Specifics for each year of study will be determined based on needs of the group and faculty availability. Students are encouraged to bring an artistic element to self-study.

If certification is desired, self study in between courses will Include:
  • Practice Logs for rhythmical einreinbung and external applications
  • Reports of AN assessments and interventions
  • Mentoring Sessions Plant Study and written report
  • Theme paper on relevant topic
  • Self –Study of 5 – 10 hours a week and written summary
  • Learning Diary
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